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Sonja Vectomov (b. 1979) is a Finnish-Czech musician, producer and composer of electronic and classical music. Her odyssey began at an early age in Finland, with musique concrète experiments involving tape recorders. At the age of five Vectomov began studying violin and piano at  Keski-Suomen konservatorio, where her father Vladimir Vectomov taught classical guitar. In 1988 she joined the children's choir Vox Aurea under the stick of Kari Ala-Pöllänen, performing and traveling for four years. Her grandfather Ivan Vectomov, also a composer, was a cellist with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra for 22 years.


In the early 90s she discovered the Finnish acid/techno/electronic scene and devoutly attended concerts by artists such as Jimi Tenor and Aavikko. By the mid-90s she settled in Prague and for several years played 1st violin with the Prague Student Orchestra, under the stick of noted founder Mirko Škampa. 


In the late 90s she returned to Finland and joined forces with Erkko Lehtinen's techno confederacy Niitty, the party responsible for bringing such artists as Jeff Mills and Anthony Rother to Finland. She began collecting records, DJing and closely following the unfoldment of obscure Finnish label Rikos Records. 


In 2002 Vectomov moved to Norwich, England to study at Norwich University of Arts, where she specialized in Publishing and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in 2005. During her studies she met fellow pupil and artist Stephanie Wild, and together they founded “The Rubishettes”. The duo performed DJ sets with alto recorders, ghetto blasters and microphones. The UK scene brought Sonja closer to grime, breakbeat, electronica, IDM and breakcore. 


Since her 2005 return to Prague, Vectomov has ardently toiled as a cultural architect, hosting innumerable festivals and concerts throughout Europe with musicians such as Felix Kubin, Momus, Terror Bird, Scream Club & Electrosexual, and God Des & She. 


In 2008 Vectomov began releasing her own music under a bevy of pseudonyms. Nowadays she works under her given name. 


Vectomov is a passionate sound explorer with spontaneous narrative inspired by literature, life and science, a one-woman power show with hefty beats and synths, live acoustic instruments such as violin, harmonica, mandolin and viola, and a voice that delicately straddles the crest between song and storytelling. 


Vectomov has performed alongside Jessy Lanza, God Des & She, Tusk/Mad Kate and Scream Club, and appeared as violinist on albums by Swiss music group JJ & Palin. Other collaborators have included Czech electronic ensemble Foma (Open In Dark Room EP, 2013) and My Name is Ann! (Shelter Remixes, 2015 EP). Vectomov's Paul de Kruif-inspired track "Microbe Hunters" appears on female:pressure Revellers Comp 1 (2015 LP). She contributed a remix of "Das Teleskop" to Papalescu2's Das Teleskop (2016 LP). On September 23rd, 2016, Vectomov released her debut album Lamprophrenia followed by her spring 2017 release EP Unusual Dual.

Sonja Vectomov is married to American conductor and writer David Woodard. Together they reside in Prague with their children.

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