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Sonja Vectomov's single/video

That Boy with Lucid Hair

(Released December 12, 2018)
That Boy with Lucid Hair_cover.jpg
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Sonja Vectomov's EP 

Unusual Dual

(Released February 2, 2017)
uneventful 004

Sonja Vectomov's debut album 


(Released September 23, 2016)

On Friday, September 23, Uneventful producer and artist Sonja Vectomov released her debut album, Lamprophrenia. The title is Vectomov's Latin neologism for clear thinking, combining lampro (bright) with phrenia (mind).


The album consists of 12 songs composed, produced and recorded solely by Vectomov (mastered at Faust Studio, Prague, by Gašper Šantl), with the exception of "I in Me", based on a poem by American writer David Woodard. Lamprophrenia will blow open and enucleate your third eye with its pulsing synth rhythms, tight beats, spectral bass lines, stories and playful instrumentation including violin, viola, harmonica, mandolin, vintage synths, collected sounds and Vectomov's consummate vocal intonements.


Sonja Vectomov is a Finnish-Czech musician and composer who descends from a family deeply rooted in the classical music world. Her odyssey began at a tender age in Finland, with musique concrète experiments, a bevy of recorders, a children's choir, violin/piano studies at Central Finland Conservatory and years of closely observing and experimenting with electronic music.

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Sonja Vectomov's 

"Two in One" single/video

(Released July 11, 2016)
uneventful 002

Uneventful Records releases "Two in One", a single and video from Sonja Vectomov's forthcoming album Lamprophrenia.


Uneventful Records producer and recording artist Sonja Vectomov is in the studio finishing her debut album Lamprophrenia, to be released Friday, September 23.


The video (directed by Mika Johnson, photography by Xoaher Musavvir) was shot at an arboreal Czech First Republic villa in Hradec Králové during May 2016, and features ballet legend Jana Andrsová with young starlet Lumi Divo. 


“Two in One” recounts a story of death and transfiguration, interspecies karma, and plant consciousness—this maiden release from Lamprophrenia features pulsating nucleopatriphobic synth rhythms, violin, viola, harmonica, mandolin, and the consummate intonements of Vectomov.

"Two in One"  single and video

Released July 11, 2016, Uneventful Records

Starring Jana Andrsová and Lumi Divo

Directed by Mika Johnson

Cinematography by Xoaher Musavvir 

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